• Over 5,000 years ago, in the Ötztal Alps (now in South Tyrol, Italy), Kelab leaves his family to go hunting. When he returns, he finds his wife and child murdered, his village burnt to the ground and his tribe’s sacred talisman stolen. Spurred by the desire for revenge, Kelab sets out in search of his family’s killers. Nature and other people are by turns his friends and foes. When he finally comes face-to-face with the perpetrators, Kelab attempts to satisfy his thirst for vengeance. But things don’t quite work out that way.

  • Release30.11.2017
  • CAST Jürgen Vogel,  Franco Nero, André M. Hennicke, Susanne Wuest, Violetta Schurawlow, Sabin Tambrea, Axel Stein a.o.

    DIRECTOR & SCRIPT Felix Randau

    PRODUCTION Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH, Echo Film, Lucky Bird Pictures, Amour Fou Vienna


    COMMISSIONING Burkhardt Althoff (ZDF), Andreas Schreitmüller (ARTE), Marcus Ammon (SKY)

    DOP Jakub Bejnarowicz

    EDITING Vessela Martschewski

    PRODUCTION DESIGN Juliane Friedrich

    COSTUME Cinzia Cioffi

    WORLDSALES: Beta Cinema

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  • Wolfgang, ein ebenso steinreicher wie launenhafter Lebemann, lädt seine drei alten Jugend-Kumpels zu seinen Geburtstag in sein prächtiges Anwesen in die Provence. Er will es mit ihnen mal wieder so richtig unbeschwert und wild krachen lassen. Doch die Freunde bringen nicht nur ihre bürgerlichen Alltagssorgen, sondern auch noch ihre ganze Familienbande mit…

  • BUCH & REGIE Oliver Rihs

    CO-AUTOREN Michael Sauter, Thomas Ritter & Thomas Hess

    PRODUZENTEN Jan Krüger, Melanie Möglich, René Römert,

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Karl-Wilhelm Kayser, Dieter Meier

    REDAKTION Christian Bauer (SR), Barbara Häbe (ARTE)

    KAMERA Martin Schlecht

    SCHNITT Andreas Radtke

    SZENENBILD Jochen Sauer

    KOSTÜMBILD Angie Neis  

    MASKENBILD Andrea Pirchner, Mareike Saß


    ORIGINALTON David Hilgers

    SOUNDDESIGN Ramón Orza

    MISCHUNG Stefan Korte


    CAST Hans-Jochen Wagner, Samuel Finzi, Oliver Korittke, Marc Hosemann, Jule Böwe, Jytte-Merle Böhrnsen, Tijan Marei, Jakob Schmidt

    PRODUKTION Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion, Oliwood Productions


    FÖRDERUNG PROD.  Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Zürcher Filmstiftung, Bundesamt für Kultur und Medien

    FILMVERLEIH  Port au Prince Pictures GmbH

The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Corporate lawyer, Urs Blank, is the undisputed star of his profession. He has money and the perfect wife. But the suicide of a business colleague throws him off track and leads to an attraction with Lucille and her alternative lifestyle. Seduced into experimenting with hallucinogenic mushrooms, his dark side emerges, as with merciless power, long suppressed aggressions burst out and go wild. The once civilised lawyer turns into an instinct-driven individual and erratic murderer. Deeply unsettled by the change he flees to the woods in search of an antidote but the police and his vindictive business partner are already on his tracks.

  • Release14.01.2016
  • Cast Moritz Bleibtreu, Jürgen Prochnow, Nora von Waldstaetten u.a.
    Script Stephan Rick & Catharina Junk
    Directed by Stephan Rick
    Camera Stefan Ciupek & Felix Cramer


  • Brazil 2035: The selfish Elin and her mentally disabled brother Hummingbird, who is dying, take a last journey to fulfill Hummingbirds longing for pure and genuine nature. Nature, as he remembers from our time. Two dissimilar siblings embark on a road trip through the ailing world around 2035 and are thereby forced to remember their childhood, they spent in the years around 2014: the present.

  • Script: Marten Persiel & Felix Randau

    Director: Marten Persiel

Journey to Jah

  • The documentary film JOURNEY TO JAH is a tale of the seeking and finding of a spiritual home in a foreign culture, one that follows people who are connected by one thing: music.

  • Release20.03.2014
  • The two directors Noël Dernesch and Moritz Springer, as well as cameraman Marcus Winterbauer (“Rhythm is it“), spent seven years shadowing two unique reggae artists –  the German GENTLEMAN and Italian ALBOROSIE – on their search for authenticity away from western consumerist societies in the land of Rastafari and reggae: JAMAICA.

    People they meet along the way include RICHIE STEPHENS, DAMIAN MARLEY and also NATTY – driver and friend of Gentleman, who offers them an uncluttered look into the daily struggle for survival, far removed from the picture-book image of the Caribbean island. Professor CAROLYN COOPER provides a contrasting intellectual insight into Jamaican politics and culture, while reggae stalwart JACK RADICS reveals some astonishing truths.

    Finally, Dernesch and Springer run across upcoming Jamaican singer TERRY LYNN and follow her everyday life walking the streets of the ghettos of Kingston and also inside Berlin’s club scene.

    Together with the protagonists we delve into a world where music is used as an outlet to confront poverty, criminality and a lack of prospects, but also one that is characterized by a deep and uplifting spiritual bond. A world about which Alborosie says, “God lives here. But Satan too.“

    Welcome aboard the JOURNEY TO JAH!

    JOURNEY TO JAH is a German-Swiss co-production from PORT AU PRINCE FILM & KULTUR PRODUKTION and PIXIU FILMS in cooperation with Karol Martesko-Fenster of THOUGHT ENGINE.

    • Script Moritz Springer, Noël Dernesch
    • Director Noël Dernesch, Moritz Springer
    • DOP Marcus Winterbauer
    • Editor Michell Barbin, Christoph Senn
    • Music Beat Solér
    • Sound Design Patrick Böhler
    • Co-Producer Laurin Merz, Pixiu Films
    • Cast Gentleman, Alborosie, Terry Lynn, Prof. Dr. Carolyn Cooper, Natty, Richie Stevens, Jack Radics, Damian Marley
    • Country | Year Germany, Switzerland | 2013
    • Locations Jamaica, Switzerland, Germany
    • Language English, German
    • Length 92 min
    • Format Full HD


  • JACK runs the house. He wakes up his little brother. Makes breakfast. Walks to school. A lot for a ten-year-old boy… His mother SANNA means well for her sons. But she is young. Too young and self-absorbed. When one day she doesn’t come home, JACK and his little brother head out – alone, through the city, without money, without food, in search of their mother. When they finally find SANNA, JACK makes a drastic decision.

  • Release09.10.2014
  • Cast Ivo, Manuel, Danilo, Luise Heyer, Jacob Matschenz, Nele Mueller-Stöfen, Ronald Kukulies, Odine Johne, Jürgen Jürges a.o.

    Script Nele Mueller-Stöfen & Edward Berger

    Director Edward Berger

    D.O.P. Jens Harant

    Art Director Christiane Rothe

    Costume Esther Walz

    Make-up Milena Pfleiderer

    Sound Designer Peter Schmidt

    Production Manager Judith Barthel

    Comissioning Editors Georg Steinert, Jörg Himstedt

    Distribution Camino Filmverleih GmbH

Gute Nacht

  • „Dial the number. Say the password. Tell them that I got arrested and I want to get out. And do not tell them who you are. Don’t tell them who you are by no means!“

    Far away from her hometown Mexico City, whose highly criminal energy and repressive family she escaped as a young woman, Sandra Torres has set up her own business as a Psychiatrist at the teaching hospital Berlin. However, with a single phone call she makes the biggest mistake of her life. And Sandra gets to know the grim side of Berlin: she gets hunted by the police, makes acquaintance of ruthless politicians, encounters dubious collegues, business tycoons and more than one Psychokiller. In doing so she comes across an explosive secret: Is there a state conspiracy for the protection of psychopaths? If so, what is it for?

    • Novel Aron Craemer
    • Script Felix Randau

Projekt A

  • PROJEKT A uses the controversial and unconventional views of anarchists to open the view on a world in tranformation. The life of our protagonists is a struggle with authorities, conventions and prejudices. They believe, that we can live free of domintaion, without a state, without police, law and courts, in a non-capitalist society, that is shapped directly by its citizens and not dictated from above. But is that implementable? The answers of our protagonist to that question are unconventional, radical and surprising.

  • Release04.02.2016
    • Script Moritz Springer, Marcel Seehuber
    • Director Moritz Springer


  • Lost in Utopia! 2050: Hyper-Capitalism rules the world, Berlin is a walled anarcho-slammer. But somewhere inside there is a magical cure against the pandemic ‚Burn Out’: The one missing emotion.

    • Script Oliver Keidel
    • Director Oliver Rihs

Cowboy Angel

  • „I hope you know a lot more than youʼre believing“ (Gram Parsons,1946-1973)

    “Cowboy Angel” is a psychedelic love story, inspired by the last days of country-rock legend Gram Parsons (1946-1973) „God´s Own Singer“. It’s a fragmented life, in which happiness and despair go hand-in-hand, told from the perspective of a person for whom reality was never enough.

    • Script Felix Randau
    • Director Felix Randau


  • The story about a Robin Hood of our digital age.

    • Script Michael Gaster, Cyril Tuschi
    • Director Cyril Tuschi

Yuri Lennon´s Landing on Alpha 46

  • Shuttle pilot Yuri Lennon investigates a mysterious signal transmission emanating from unknown planet A46. Upon landing, Yuri faces an extraordinary paradox. A fantastically funny middle finger to the arrogance of mankind.

    • Director Anthony Vouardoux
    • Script Anthony Vouardoux, Daniel Young
    • Story Anthony Vouardoux
    • Cast Marc Hosemann
    • DOP Pascal Walder
    • Production Design Jochen Sauer
    • Costume Barbara Schramm
    • Make-Up Milena Pfleiderer
    • Visual Effects David Heimerl, Ralph Drechsler
    • Sound Design Ramon Orza
    • Editing none
    • Music Beat Solèr
    • Co-Producer Oliver Rihs
    • Producer René Römert
    • Produced by Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH in Co-Production with Oliwood Productions (CH), ZDF/arte and TSR
    • Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg BAK, Regio
    • Premiere & theatrical release 3.5.2010 Internationales Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg
    • World sales KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e.V.
    • Technical Data Duration 15 Minutes, 1:1,85, Dolby Digital
    • Forma t35mm, DigiBeta
    • Language English
    • Subtitles DE/FR/SP/IT/EN


    Aspen, Aspen Shortsfest, Special Jury Recognition 2011

    Clermont-Ferrand, Festival international du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, Prix des Médiathèques 2011

    Dresden, Filmfest Dresden, Goldener Reiter der Jugendjury (Deutscher Wettbewerb) 2011

    Locarno, pardino d’argento, youth jury award, 2010

    Luzern, Bundesamt für Kultur, Swiss Film Prize Quartz “Best Shortfilm” 2011

    Miami, Miami International Film Festival, Audience Award for the Best Shortfilm 2011

    Miami, Miami International Film Festival, Honorable Mention (Shorts Competition) 2011

    Nancy, Aye Aye VO Film Festival – Festival International du Film Nancy Lorraine, Prix du Jury des jeunes européens 2011 Salento, FatFilmFest, Best Shortfilm – Liliana Appiano Forni Prize 2011

    Shenzhen, China International KingBonn New Media Shorts Award, Best Kingbonn Short Award 2011

    Traverse City, Traverse City Film Festival, Best Sound Design in a Shortfilm 2011

    Wiesbaden, Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Murnau Kurzfilmpreis 2011

    Bern, Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Shnit, Swiss Award (Swiss Made Competition) 2010

    Genève, Cinéma Tous Écrans, 2e Prix courts métrages suisses 2010

    Köln, Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival Köln, Publikumspreis Europa 2010

Bunny Heaven

  • „If the truth is there where nothing is hidden anymore than Pornography might be even more true than the truth. These words come from the Philosopher Jean Baudrillard, whose theories the director Oliver Rihs and the well-known dramatic adviser Carl Hegemann attend to with the art-film HASENHIMMEL (Bunny Heaven). Ist a pornographical meditation in a fairytale-style about the last major question: What comes after death?

    • Director Oliver Rihs
    • Script Oliver Rihs, inter alia based on a dialog between Boris Groys and Carl Hegemann
    • Cast Mia Magma, Pau Pappel, Conny Dachs
    • DOP Olivier Kolb, Nils Molitor
    • Production Design Jochen Sauer
    • Costume Barbara Schramm
    • Make-Up Sandra Meyer
    • Sound Cesar Fernandez
    • Artwork Andreas Tröger
    • Visual Effects Celluloid Visual Effects
    • Sound Design Ramon Orza
    • Editing Christof Schilling
    • Music Beat Solèr
    • Producers René Römert, Melanie Möglich, Jan Krüger
    • Produced by Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH
    • Distributor Port-Au-Prince Pictures GmbH
    • World Sales Port-Au-Prince Pictures GmbH
    • World premiere 22th july 2012, Festival Internacional de Cine Guanajuato, Mexico
    • Release Germany 28th october 2012, Internationale Hofer Filmtage, Germany
    • Technical Data Duration: 21 Minuten, 2K/ DCP, Color, 1:2,35, Stereo/Dolby
    • Format Apple ProRes, DCP, BluRay, HDCam
    • Language German
    • Subtitles English / French

Dating Lanzelot

  • An crazy comedy with an episodic character by Oliver Rihs about the desperate search for love on the Internet. The timid Lanzelot (Peter Weiss) is searching for true love and good sex. His brash roommate (Manuel Cortez) takes charge and signs him up at an Internet Dating Site. Finally Lancelot is thrown into the mix and enters the female universe but with wicked consequences.

  • Release30.08.2012
    • Director Oliver Rihs
    • Script Jann Preuss
    • Story Oliver Rihs, Jann Preuss, Thomas Hess
    • Cast Peter Weiss, Manuel Cortez, Narges Rashidi, Jule Böwe, Elzemarieke De Vos, Julia Dietze, Nike Martens, Jytte-Merle Böhmsen, Doris Schefer, Katrin Bühring, et al.
    • DOP Olivier Kolb
    • Production Design Sven Zahn, Jan Müller
    • Make-up Milena Pfleiderer
    • Costume Barbara Schramm
    • Visual Effects Andreas Tröger
    • Sound Design Thomas Appel
    • Editing Jessie Fischer, Andreas Radtke, Sarah Clara Weber
    • Music Beat Solèr
    • Co-Producer Eduard A. Stöckli
    • Producers René Römert, Melanie Möglich, Jan Krüger Produced by Port-Au-Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH in Co-Production with SwissEffects & SevenPictures AG
    • Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
    • Distribution Port-Au-Prince Pictures GmbH
    • World Sales Port-Au-Prince Pictures GmbH
    • Theatrical release 30. August 2012
    • World premiere Filmfestival Zürich 2011
    • German premiere Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2011
    • Technical Data Duration: 90 minutes, HD, 1:1,85, Dolby Digital
    • Format DCP & 35mm
    • Language German
    • Subtitle English

Black Sheep

  • Schampus a gogo! loudly claims a drunken Berlin artist on a tourist boot on the Spree and instantly puks all over the clothes of a Munich yuppie couple. He expresses the need of all the other Berlin characters in this wild and dark comedy, who leave no stone unturned to make a fast buck. But to make money at all in this by poverty governed city is no bed of roses and demands quite a lot of inventiveness and creativity.

  • Release02.08.2007
    • Director Oliver Rihs
    • Script Jann Preuss, Michael Sauter, David Keller, Thomas Hesse, Daniel Young, Olivier Kolb, Oliver Rihs
    • Cast Robert Stadlober, Tom Schilling, Jule Böwe, Milan Peschl, Bruno Cathomas, Marc Hosemann, Daniel Krauss, Daniel Zillmann, Kirk Kirchberg,, Robert Lohr, Jenny Daimling, Oktay Ötzdemir u.v.m.
    • DOP Olivier Kolb
    • Production Design Rene Römert, Jochen Sauer
    • Make-up Janka Venus
    • Costume Barbara Schramm
    • Visual Effects Robi Müller
    • Sound Design Ramon Orza Tonstudio Ganzerplatz
    • Editing Andreas Radtke, Sarah Clara Weber
    • Music and Concept Mighty Grin Departement & King Kahn
    • CoProducer Eduard A. Stöckli
    • Producer Oliver Rihs, Olivier Kolb
    • Produced by Oliwood Productions
    • Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
    • Distributor BBQ Distribution / 01.08.2007
    • World sales BBQ Distribution
    • World premiere Filmfest Edinburgh 2006
    • German premiere Filmfest Hof 2006
    • Technical Data Duration: 99 Minuten, HD,SD,4K, 1:1,77, Dolby Digital
    • Format 35mm
    • Language Deutsch